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Female Streaker Interrupts Presidents Cup Golf Tournament

by Genie Braithwaite pic.twitter.com/P8lmRfFKJk

Added the Daily Mail of London, “As American Captain Fred Couples stared on with a bemused look on his face, the red-haired fairway invader charged down the final hole of the 2013 Presidents Cup on Sunday basically nude bar a thong and heart-shaped American flags covering either side of her chest. The American team has also won the last five Presidents Cup matches.

The Inquisitr
-- Rhonda Dixon (@Dixon_RC) October 6, 2013
#PresidentsCup streaker pic. The international team has never won on American soil. Bringing excitement to golf’s more sedate sensibilities, the streaker unfurled an American flag for part of her performance as police tried to grab her…”
Golfer Steve Stricker joked that she was “streaking for Stricker.” He told golf journalist Stephanie Wei that “She was quick.I thought about tackling her for a second because the cops were after her, but then I thought, ‘Naw, I don’t want any part of that.’”
According to click for more info the Toronto Sun, “the woman ran onto the field clad in black flats, a red g-string underwear, an American flag and what appeared to be stickers on her chest and back that read ‘Support Our Troops.’ ” Security eventually caught up to the streaker, covered her in a jacket, and removed her from the golf course. There are some reports that she managed to avoid the police entirely, however, and escaped.. Prior to the appearance of the Presidents Cup streaker on the fairway, the golf tournament was notable for skier Lindsey Vonn’s practical joke on boyfriend Tigers Woods when she grabbed a live squirrel and and placed it on his shoulder.
A female streaker invaded the Presidents Cup golf tournament this afternoon at the Muirfield Village course in Dublin Ohio.

Female Streaker Interrupts Presidents Cup Golf Tournament
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Reportedly the gatecrashing nearly naked woman — who showed up at the 18th hole at about 2 pm Eastern time — was “supporting” (as it were) our troops.

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The American team defeated the international squad for the eighth time by a score of 18.5 to 15.5 with Tiger Woods making a putt that clinched the win

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